Desiree Cripps, CPM
Certified Professional Midwife

Desiree first attended homebirths, as a helper to friends, in Eugene, Oregon from 1994-1996. She felt an innate connection to birth in its natural form and the midwife’s role as guardian. Through these early experiences, her own birth, and encouragement from community midwives she began to study midwifery independently. In 2002, Desiree was an active member and volunteer for the Virginia grass roots organization, Midwifery Options for Mothers. She was invited to sit on the Board of Directors for the 2003-2004 year. Continuing as volunteer, she offered childbirth education and labor support to women through her local pregnancy shelter. Desiree trained through the traditional model of apprenticeship beginning in the Fall of 2005 with a Certified Professional Midwife. She acquired essential midwifery skills during these four years of training. At the request of her preceptor, Desiree formed a midwifery study group moderated by her preceptor. This study group met for 36 consecutive months. Desiree has worked with many of Virginia’s Certified Professional Midwives and is grateful for the knowledge they have passed on. In 2007, she served the birthing women in Senegal through the African Birth Collective. Desiree has attended numerous workshops and conferences related to her studies. Desiree became certified as a CPM in the Fall of 2009. In 2011-2012, Desiree completed a ten month Foundations of Medicinal Herbalism and Herbal Apothecary course with Teresa Boardwine of Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine, in Washington, VA. During her time at Green Comfort, Desiree also participated in monthly medicine making sessions. From 2010 to 2012, Desiree served as the Northern Virginia Regional Representative for the Commonwealth Midwives Alliance. She is married and the mother of four breastfed children, born under the care of midwives.

Aimee Fairman, CPM
Certified Professional Midwife

Aimee was called to midwifery soon after the birth of her first child in 1996. In 1998, after the waterbirth of her second child, Aimee began her midwifery studies in earnest. She trained as a professional labor doula with Doulas of North America in 1999 and maintained her doula certification for several years, as she worked towards her goal of becoming a CPM. In 2000 and 2001, she traveled to The Farm in Tennessee to learn from Ina May Gaskin and The Farm midwives through their midwife assistant workshops. As an accredited La Leche League leader, she enjoys helping women successfully breastfeed and has been leading monthly breastfeeding support group meetings from 2001 to the present. Also in 2001, Aimee formed a support network in Western Central Louisiana for mothers desiring a midwife-attended birth. The group worked to support midwives and their ability to practice autonomously and to affect birth change locally and on the state level. Aimee was a Certified Childbirth Educator with the Bradley Method for 7 years before co-writing a holistic childbirth education curriculum for families giving birth at home. Aimee also participated in a monthly midwifery study group, with Desiree and her senior midwife, for 36 months. In 2009, she completed a nine month apprenticeship in the art and science of herbal medicine with Kathleen Meier of Sacred Plant Traditions, in Charlottesville, VA. Aimee received her clinical midwifery training through apprenticeship with practicing midwives in Virginia and Louisiana, as well as, in Senegal with the African Birth Collective. Aimee was certified as a CPM in the Fall of 2009. Aimee is married and the mother of 3 breastfed children, born under the care of midwives.

Natasha Ossinova, RN, IBCLC
Lactation Consultant

Natasha graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing in 1999. She subsequently worked as on obstetrical Registered Nurse in New York City for 11 years. During that time, she completed a dual Masters in Public Health and International Relations from Columbia University. Her first son was born in 2009 via cesarean section.  She was committed to and successful in exclusively breastfeeding him. In 2010, upon relocation to Pittsburgh, Natasha was fortunate to work at The Midwife Center (a free standing birth center) where she was able to clearly observe the connection between natural childbirth and successful breastfeeding. This inspired her to make breastfeeding the focus of her public health work. Natasha earned her IBCLC in 2011 and interned at The Breastfeeding Center of Pittsburgh until the birth of her second son, a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) with a midwife. Natasha tandem nursed her boys, and is still nursing her younger son. Natasha is grateful for the opportunity to help women breastfeed their children and believes that breastfeeding is the natural continuation of the process of giving birth. Natasha works to empower women to find the most suitable solutions to nurse their babies successfully.  Natasha was awarded the Hillman Family Foundation Fellowship in 2013 in support of her work towards increasing the rates of exclusive breastfeeding among newly immigrated Hispanic women in Winchester. 

Student Midwife

At the age of 12 I was fortunate to be present for the birth of my nephew.  Since then, I have felt passionate about the transformation a woman goes through during pregnancy and birth. My  experience during my own pregnancy and birth of my son propelled me to become a doula. Having a doula with me at my birth was a gift, a gift that I feel I can pass on to others. I feel that my purpose here is to help and nurture others, it is what I am best at. To be present during birth is such an honor. An honor that I do not take lightly. To support a mother through this transformation and help her birth her baby as naturally as possible is a true privilege. Becoming a doula was the starting point of my journey to become a Certified Professional Midwife. I am thrilled to be continuing this journey with Ten Moons Midwifery as their student. It is a honor to be with women throughout their childbearing year and I am more than grateful to be able to sit next to Aimee and Desiree and learn from them about this precious time. I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and I hold a BA in Spanish as well as a BA in Latin American Studies.  I serve as a La Leche League leader in Manassas and Front Royal to help women along their breastfeeding journey. I received my certification as a Professional Certified Doula, from toLabor, formerly known as ALACE. Through my work as a birth doula I became more and more passionate about the postpartum year and the care that the mother needs, therefore I recently began my training as a Postpartum Doula through DONA. In order to best serve mothers in the postpartum period, I also went through training with Postpartum Support Virginia to become a volunteer. I currently sit on the Board of Directors at Manassas Midwifery where I also volunteer my services as a birth doula.  I am a birth activist and Director of the Prince William County Chapter of Birth Matters Virginia where we hold monthly birth circles.

Lucy Turner
Business Manager

Lucy Turner has a passion for helping people solve problems. At Ten Moons Midwifery, she helps navigate through challenging business decisions and manages bookkeeping, invoicing and other office tasks. She enjoys being part of a vibrant community of women and families, and loves that she can support them in having fulfilling birth experiences from behind the scenes. Lucy lives in a farmette near Strasburg with her husband, Clive, and young daughter, Ayla.